Rain rain, come again?

So, its monsoon in delhi. Yayy! šŸ˜€
And as much as i love this weather i hate how uncomfortable it makes traveling and other things.
Such a hurdle even to the regular tasks.
There is where umbrellas and cute shoes comes into the picture.
So i was wondering to buy a really different and unique umbrella this time. ( as most of you know about my love for unique yet pretty things)
And while searching for it i came across this website THE ELEPHANT COMPANY and couldn’t help but share it with you.



The elephant company aims to focus on the romantic and subtle nature of these arches while adding a colorful, pop art dimension that perfectly marries the classic and the Modern.

So here is your chance to be stylish this monsoon with the designer walking umbrellas by The elephant company.

PS- they have many other products available too for your home decor.
It is basically a fashion site for your home.
And it is totally affordable.
Do pay this site a visit ( click here) and drop your reviews in the comment box given below.
Till the next post,