5 texts to win her BACK.*

So, yes. This post is devoted to all my lovely BOY-friends. Not really boyfriends but the friends who are boys And for all the other XY’s reading it. šŸ˜€
Lets get real, you all have been through such situations. No matter how hard you try to hide your emotions but break-ups hurt. </3 Equally. Isnt it?
So, the scene is you were all happy with the girl of your dreams, only to be dumped by her because you are a creep and disgusting and a liar and what not? -_-
So, if you have cried a river and drowned yourself in it ALREADY. I can NOT help you.
But, if you are in the mid of crying a river or drowning yourself, you are at the right place.
Here are 5 texts you can send to her to win her back.

1) Bye forever text-

i know you don’t want to hear from me anymore, but baby i can not live without you. Bye forever.”

Yes. Exactly this. Suicide threat.
Let her know the severity of the situation(we all know its fake though.) & with this, you might get her pity-love. Atleast for once. :’)

2) Eternal love text

I still love you baby” or “my love for you is forever baby

Okay. Try to be more real while texting her this. She needs to be aware of your everlasting-oneSided love. (No girl denies such love ever, trust me) keep reminding her this in every 10 mins. Or if she is not responding to it, upgrade it a little by increasing the frequency of this text.

3) Love-you-with-your-flaws text.

i even loved you when you wouldn’t threaded your upper lips. It made me hard.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay. STOP. There is nothing funny about it.(trying-to-stop-my-laughter)
“If you cant love her with all her hair, you dont deserve her Hairless“- AARTI CHAUDHARY
Make her realize that you love her any to every way. With or without hair.
Trust me, she deserves to know about your love for her.

4) Confuse her text.

Lunch/coffee/dinner/whatever tomorrow at *xyz* am/pm?

Yes. Confuse her. She will think that she is the one who ended up everything and you are still thinking it is on. You never know, she might turn up into it.

5) Threatening text.-

you better be careful from now. You f*gly stupid piece of sh*t.

Yes. You read it right. C’mon we tried every-possible-sweet approach. But she just didnt show up. So yeah, time to threat her a little.She is scared of her life now.
But be careful about the after effects of this.( but who cares? You have showed her who the real boss is. šŸ˜‰ )

DISCLAIMER: The advice given above is for good cause. And just for fun. Guarantees no result. šŸ˜€
Hope you guys had fun reading.
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Till the next post,