Hello guys!

I have finally gathered courage to get back to blogging post delivery.

While looking for easy breezy yet designer wear for a family function found these amazing Mughal Floral crepe Kurti fabric on www.wishalley.com

When nothing seems to fit your post-delivery body These crepe kurti fabric from wishalley are the best option as you can get them custom made as per your size.

I loved styling & posing for it. Sharing few shots from that day.

you can reach them at www.wishalley.com or on their instagram account @wishalleystore

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From AM to PM

Hey prettyy faces!!
How are you all?
Fine, right?
Great :*

So, lets get started without much blabbering.
In this post i created a Day look i.e. An AM Look 😀
This could be carried anywhere. Be it a regular college day or outing with Friends. Just any to everywhere.

And oh, this prettiest skirt i am featuring in it is from BEINGFLAWLESS
This skirt is so chic yet comfortable and versatile( i will soon tell you how) which makes anyone(obviously the one wearing it 😀 ) stand out.
And GIRLS, beingflawless is a place to be online. Trust me, you wont be disappointed. It has something for each one of you, that too on reasonable prices(even for the ones on a tight budget).
So, if you are planning to be flawless Being flawless is just a click away.


Lets come on the outfit now.
I paired my skirt with a black spaghetti i bought from vero moda and a Zara shrug(picked it up from men’s section 😀 ) and to keep this look casual & comfortable i opted for not so flat forever21 Flats. HAHA. 😀



Soon another look using the same skirt would be up on blog. By then, let me know how you find it?
I would love to read your reviews.

Till the next post,
Aarti ❤

Perks of having a (Big)BROTHER!!

Heyyy Fellaasss!!
2015 is finalllyyyyy heree!! Yayyy!
Now you guys must me wondering why am i being so excited about it, right?
So, you all will get to know soon about it. ❤
Anyway, its my Brother's birthdayy todayy. Wish him guys!!

As its his birthday today this post is completely dedicated to him.
Lets get started.
So, all you girls out their who are blessed with a (big)brother(s) can surely relate to it.

1)- You get in on *THAT* slang when you’re still in your school.

2)- You get brutally honest reviews on all your awkward phase trials.(not Always though. As, they might be mean at times. 😀 ).

3)- you have the best person to consult for advice related to BOYS.: a BOY.

4)-Your girl friends are extra nice to you because they’re crushing on your brother. 😀

5)-You aren’t easily nauseated about toilet humor anymore.

6)-You really, truly know what exactly this phrase mean “love-hate relationship.” ❤

7)-But even though you’ll never tell him this, the “love” half will always win over the "hate" half.

8)-And you always feel secured as you know that someone considers it their full-time job to keep you safe.

Do drop your good wishes in the comment box below!
He would love it.

Till the next post,
Aarti ❤

All you need is a warm hug!!

Okay. Its is a product review post.
So, this product WARM HUGS is a must have in everyyy single girl here.
It is a must have. To the nights we couldn’t sleep. To the days we couldn’t move. To the THAT day.
Trust me. It works. I first tried then only i am reviewing about it.
So lets start with a basic introduction to this product.
Q. Warm hugs?
A. A convenient way to carry on your tough day with.
Yes. True it is.
Its like a tried and tested post. 😀

Now, let me explain you it in detail.

Basically it is a self-warming adhesive pad. Which is so thin and light that you can wear it all day long and nobody would be able to notice it. 😀

Next question, How it works?

Warm hugs naturally generates heat by oxidizing iron. How?
This way-
In it their is a mixture of iron, water , carbon and salt( ingredients are completely natural, non toxic, bio degradable and most importantly SAFE.)
When the packet is opened, iron is exposed to the oxygen(present in air) , which oxidizes it producing heat.

How heat helps in reducing pain?

• When heat is applied to your skin, it reduces the sensation of pain. Heat stimulates thermo receptors, which block your body’s pain transmitters from sending pain signals to your brain.
• Heat helps stretch soft tissue, relaxing muscles, which promotes flexibility and decreases stiffness.
• Heat increases circulation to the injured or sore area, which means more oxygen and nutrients are sent to the damaged tissue

• Remove pad from package. Peel off the release paper and adhere on the outside of underclothes.
• Peel off from clothes when it is no longer hot.
• Average temperature of 55°C, maximum of 70°C or less and 40°C or higher, should be maintained for up to 10 hours.
• Dispose of properly after use.

The heat pack is cloth adhesive. It should be stuck on top of underclothes and requires fitting clothes to be worn on top.

Where all you can use it?

1)Helps relieve menstrual cramps when rest is not an option

2)Tired and sore muscles can be relaxed by a steady & smooth supply of warmth.

So i would completely suggest you to try this thing Atleast once.
It is worth trying. :*

You may contact them here on facebook to know from where you may order it in your city.

Do drop your reviews if you have already used this product.
And do tell me in the comment box if you guys want me to do more of such review things.

Till the next post,
Aarti ❤

Five ways to keep your relatives close.

Heyy lovely people.
Sorry for being MIA.
So yeah i was just wondering what if you haven’t talked to your relatives since a long time?
What if you people are missing them?
So yes, i am here to help you out.
Here are five ways to stay in touch with them.

1) tell them your daughter/son is in twelfth. By the end of the year every possible person will call you up.

2) tell them you have been offered a movie with salman khan &
You will start getting applications to give them a chance to act too.

3) tell them your daughter/son got married. Love marriage it was. She/he ran away from home. Your phone will never get any rest for next few days.
(Sympathies and all you know :’))

4) Tell them your daughter/son has reached “shaadi wali age”
And all the matrimonial relatives will contact you asap. 😀

5) Tell them my daughter/son has cleared ” I.A.S.” Or “I.P.S.” Exam Every now and then you will get a call from them to bail them out(not just jail but in every random situation)

(Images via google.)
Hope you had fun reading.
Do drop your reviews in the comment box.
Yes i am social:
Facebook: here
Instagram: aarti021

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Aarti ❤

5 texts to win her BACK.*

So, yes. This post is devoted to all my lovely BOY-friends. Not really boyfriends but the friends who are boys And for all the other XY’s reading it. 😀
Lets get real, you all have been through such situations. No matter how hard you try to hide your emotions but break-ups hurt. </3 Equally. Isnt it?
So, the scene is you were all happy with the girl of your dreams, only to be dumped by her because you are a creep and disgusting and a liar and what not? -_-
So, if you have cried a river and drowned yourself in it ALREADY. I can NOT help you.
But, if you are in the mid of crying a river or drowning yourself, you are at the right place.
Here are 5 texts you can send to her to win her back.

1) Bye forever text-

i know you don’t want to hear from me anymore, but baby i can not live without you. Bye forever.”

Yes. Exactly this. Suicide threat.
Let her know the severity of the situation(we all know its fake though.) & with this, you might get her pity-love. Atleast for once. :’)

2) Eternal love text

I still love you baby” or “my love for you is forever baby

Okay. Try to be more real while texting her this. She needs to be aware of your everlasting-oneSided love. (No girl denies such love ever, trust me) keep reminding her this in every 10 mins. Or if she is not responding to it, upgrade it a little by increasing the frequency of this text.

3) Love-you-with-your-flaws text.

i even loved you when you wouldn’t threaded your upper lips. It made me hard.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay. STOP. There is nothing funny about it.(trying-to-stop-my-laughter)
“If you cant love her with all her hair, you dont deserve her Hairless“- AARTI CHAUDHARY
Make her realize that you love her any to every way. With or without hair.
Trust me, she deserves to know about your love for her.

4) Confuse her text.

Lunch/coffee/dinner/whatever tomorrow at *xyz* am/pm?

Yes. Confuse her. She will think that she is the one who ended up everything and you are still thinking it is on. You never know, she might turn up into it.

5) Threatening text.-

you better be careful from now. You f*gly stupid piece of sh*t.

Yes. You read it right. C’mon we tried every-possible-sweet approach. But she just didnt show up. So yeah, time to threat her a little.She is scared of her life now.
But be careful about the after effects of this.( but who cares? You have showed her who the real boss is. 😉 )

DISCLAIMER: The advice given above is for good cause. And just for fun. Guarantees no result. 😀
Hope you guys had fun reading.
Do drop your reviews people.

Till the next post,

Kahaani har College Fest ki!!

So, after being a proud DUite for 3 years, i am on my way to be an amitian for like three more years.
Yes Amity! I am not leaving you soon.😍
So after attending college fests for like 4 continuous years i have realized there are these nine particular type of girls who are spotted in EVERY COLLEGE FEST.
So without wasting much time, here i go with my list.

1) OH MY GAWDYY girls!!
Trust me, they will surely make you scream OH MY GOD. They believe in the fact that there is no life after fest. So they try to pair up all their gawdy/glittery/shiney and every other thing which reflects, at once.
They find it cool. No actually not cool but kEwL \m/

2) The overnight success!!
You have always seen them with their •uncombed tied hair,no makeup, no efforts in dressing up• look.
But, when you see them at fest you just cannot believe your own eyes.
What a success man!!😍👌

3) The girl everybody knows!!
Every-single-person of your college knows her. Not exactly every but almost every. And reason isnt their short clothes or sultry selfies, but their humble nature( even though people will bitch about her at her back) So she is being welcomed by almost every group.


4) The girl who knows everyone!!
And there are some girls who knows everybody, like seriously? -_-
So they will roam along with some of their old friend from some other college & keep pointing at others-
“Oh him? Yeah i know him, he is in my class only, but we are not friends.”
Oh her? Yeah i know her she is a classmate’s friend , i dont talk to her.”

5) The alone forever!!
Not just in relationship term but in every other way too.
She will go to stalls alone, eat alone, sit alone, have fun alone. HOW? I mean how could you even do that? I dont even go to washroom alone. duh! -_-
I guess the front camera was specially invented for people like them -_-

6) The girl coming directly from class-
Apologies in advance, but i seriously dislike such girls very much -_-
I mean why? I know its just a fest not your birthday or wedding, still why?
You are supposed to come all dressed up here(in a decent way would work) it is no regular college day. And the thing i dislike most about them is they treat other dressed up girls like they have done something seriously wrong.
There should be rule to not let such girls enter the fest -_-

7) The super F-type!!
My favorite type. They actually put efforts in dressing up. They start to plan everything before a month. And dress up according to the events. Like last day of fest is supposed to be the most happening one, they will wear their most special outfit at THE day.

8)BOY? Oh Boy!! *_*
HAHAHAHAHA! Do i really need to say more? The very specific type of girls drooling all over the boys *_*
They can do any-single-thing to gain “boy’s” attention.
Desperate much? Lol

9) The one you fall in love with!!
They could be from any of the type mentioned above. But there is something special about them which will make you fall for them. And them you will just pray to lever let this day end. But unfortunately it has to & it will, which will leave you in a depressed kind of state(for a short while though)
Aww! Its okay, better luck in next fest 😘😉

I am sure you people could relate😉.
So, tell me what type you are?(in the comment box below)

Till the next post,
Aarti 💞


Hey netizens of my blog, am back with my latest blog post.
And this time, for my very own AMITIANS!! It doesn’t matter if we know each other, we still share a bond- we are Amitians! 😍
And so because of that i am here with the “NO MATTER WHAT” list of an AMITY GOER.

1) No matter how much we criticize our non-functional ACs, we never forget to “brag” about them in front of our non-Amitian friends.

2) No matter how poor we are at math, we never go wrong with the calculation of required attendance of 75%.. (genius, we are! )

3) No matter how hopelessly single we are, our non-Amitian friends always sees us as a casanova.

4) No matter how we study- slog our a** throughout the semester, or just flip through the books the night before, the results never fails to amaze us.

5) No matter how happening the people in our class are, we always find the others bettering us!!

6) No matter how much money our dads have, If we are hungry, Balli is always on the top of our list.

7) No matter how cheesy it looks, but, we never stop ourself from showing off our replica/first copy/second copy bags & belts.

8) No matter how much you boys disagree, But you will always wander in H-block to find your someone special, about whom you can confess later.

9) No matter how much we girls disagree, but if we are looking better & special than any random day, we just will, NOT,skip a visit to H-block.. (who knows, whose fancy we might catch! 😉 )

PS- all the picture’s edits are done by me. Images via- google.
Well, that is all I have for the time..shall keep adding as the years roll by and you dear readers add on to what all I missed out (in the comment box below).
Hope you guys had fun relating.

Till the next post,