Lets braid together!!

Hello everyone,
So after thinking for like one full day and several hours i decided to do a hair tutorial.
As so many people have asked me how do i do my messy fishtail braid.
So this is for all you guys.

Things you will need-
Elastic band/rubber band
Bobby pins
Hair curler
Hair spray


Pull all your hair off to the side and divide your hair into three parts.
Keep one part with few hair strands only as we will use them later to style our braid. And rest of the two parts should be divided equally.
Tuck the front section with less hair strands. And start working with other two.


Pull a thin strand of hair from outside of the one of the section,
And add it to the other section.

Image via- tumblr

Keep repeating & alternating sides and keep
braiding, until you reach the bottom of the braid.
Tie off the end with the elastic band.

Loosen it slightly by pulling it little outwards.

Now take the hair you tucked in the starting and strand by strand start curling them.
Use hair spray to keep them curled.
And carefully tuck them back by twisting.


And you are done.šŸ˜šŸ’ž


So do tell me if you guys found it helpful.
Please post your reviews in the comment box.
Till the next post,
Aarti šŸ’ž