Thank You Note.

As if we( Family of Major Aditya) weren’t already overwhelmed with the support we are getting from you all for #iSupportMajorAditya this gesture is beyond anything. 

Major Aditya’s father received this letter today morning which was sent by A doctor from Mumbai, which made us all realise humanity & true Indian awakened citizens exists! 

after reading this letter we were glad to think that people Major Aditya( and every other serving officer) is protecting, do care about him(& them) as well! 

Attaching the letter below-

DISCLAIMER:- we with gratitude & Overwhelmed Emotions returned the cheque. 


Letter reads:-

Lt. Col Karamveer singh

10 Garhwal Rifles,

C/O 56 APO

 Dear Sir

It upsets me a lot to know that an FIR has been filed against your son, Major Aditya, a serving Army officer about the Shopian stone pelting incident(J & K). You have moved to supreme court to squash the FIR filed by j& k police. I completely support and commend your move. It is atrocious that such a FIR was launched in the first place. I cannot imagine any national who would lift a stone to hurt its Armed forces, Navy or Air force personnel. Such person should be given the hardest punishment immediately.

Sir, i strongly believe that Army’s role is to defend our borders; and only because of incompetence of the local police, the Indian army is asked to keep law and order situation in any place. But once you request the Army to do a particular task, one needs to give operational and logistical freedom to perform that task.

It is beyond my imagination that politicians are harassing the Army personnel in this manner. The common man has the highest regards for Indian Army. I do believe that this is an attempt to demoralize our Armed Forces.

Sir, I am a medical teacher, a professor, and express my highest gratitude to yourself and to your son. I have attached a cheque rs. 45,000/- with this letter, which can be used towards the court expenses. It is a small contribution to your case. I request you to please accept it; I will be grateful to you. O consider it as my duty. We can never repay the debt for the service you and your son have given to the country. 

I hope the Supreme court listens to you and take a serious note of the other points you have raised.

Yours Sincerely,


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