Breaking the Gender Barriers: AIZYA NAAZ JOSHI

While browsing through internet i recently came across a name, Aizya Naaz Joshi! Her Story caught my attention and i went ahead with exploring more about her.

She belongs to the community we all grew up scared of! And i cant figure out, why? With the number of feathers in her cap, i cant think of anything but to steal it!! She has achieved so much in her life which we all crave for despite being ridiculed and biased by people she met at every single step. Which helped her in other way, it strengthened & motivated her even more to reach her goal.

So, let me introduce you to the 





TeamISB:- According to you, who is Aizya Naaz Joshi?

A.N.J.:- Aizya naaz joshi is a woman of substance. An incomplete woman yet completely filled with love and compassion for human kind. She doesn’t believe in negativity, she wants to spread happiness all around. She believes in equality to all genders, race, color and creed. She is extremely spiritual and wants to lead life of good ness and optimism.

TeamISB:- When did you realize you are the other gender and how it changed you?

A.N.J.:- Ever since i am born i have never realised i was a boy. Early childhood i dressed up like a girl. Played with dolls. Catwalked. Danced on zeenat aman and parveen babi’s songs. And what not. I always believed i was born a woman.

TeamISB:- Explain the bias faced by you at your work place?

A.N.J.:-Raised eye brows at work place always saddened me. Even today people fee i am the weakest gender and they try to harrass me mentally and morally. But i have never learnt to give up and i shall never give up. People look down upon me, laugh at me and what not? Today i am a very successful beauty queen and owner of beauty pageants but still that respect is missing somewhere that is given to a man or a woman in this society.

TeamISB:- What is the last fashion photo you took on your phone?

A.N.J.:- I have a flair for photography. This picture was clicked by my phone. She is one of my winners from MIHM MISS INDIA QUEEN OF QUEENS aanchal bajwa

TeamISB:- Best compliment you received on your personality?

A.N.J.:- People often say i am positive and inspiring. I believe in one thing. If someone gives you hatred, give them love. War can not be ended with a war. It needs to be ended by peace. I am a peace lover. And a positive thinker. My positivity does influence many around me.

TeamISB:- If you could be the face of any brand in the world, which one would it be?

A.N.J.:- If i could be the face of the brand, i would choose L’Oreal bcoz i love the tag line …humei naaz hai khud per.

TeamISB:- what would be your dream job? 

A.N.J.:- My dream job? I am already in my dream job.. That’s beauty pageants today i am national director of MIHM MISS INDIA QUEEN OF QUEENS and MIHM MRS INDIA HOME MAKERS. I have won three international titles 




I am happy with what i am doing. But i wish i could be a Bollywood actress and a Diva.

TeamISB:- What are your current fashion addictions?

A.N.J.:- My current fashion addictions.. Maxi dresses. I shop a lot online. I love long dresses. Which are mostly fit and flair. I blend these western dresses with Indian kundan jewellery. I love fusion. And I love our Indian lakh and kundan jewellery a lot.

TeamISB:- What fashion trend did you find the silliest & smartest?

A.N.J.:- Fashion trend.. Silliest.. Well none.. I believe fashion is about being in vogue, being comfortable and suiting one’s body type and personality. What looks silly on me, might fancy you. And i love tight fitted high slit gowns which are backless. I wish i had a body to flaunt those. I am working on my body. Hopefully one day i shall flaunt them in my next foto shoot.

TeamISB:- Your favourite style icon?

A.N.J.:- My favorite style icon had to be liza haydon. I simply love her. Its not what she wears but it’s how she carries herself. The poise the attitude she carries.. Omg i love her. I wish i meet her one day and shall ask her to mentor me to be like her.

TeamISB:- What takes up most of your life space?

A.N.J.:- My work. I have obsession for my work. I plan out my beauty pageants all by myself. Yes few of my delegates have started helping me but still i have to strategise many things online. Currently i have 12 international franchise of beauty pageants. I wanna be number one and be the undisputed queen of pageant world . I have seen a lot of struggle but now i just wanna be successful and more successful.

TeamISB:- What are your future plans? 

A.N.J.:- My future plans.. I wanna compete in India for a trans beauty pageant next year bcoz till date i have never competed in india. I wanna shed a lot of weight. Be size zero. I wanna do music videos with punjabi singers. And a lot more. I wanna live a life of a Diva

TeamISB:- A life incident which changed you forever? 

A.N.J.:- Two years ago i was a choreographer for a beauty pageant. The ceo scolded me and threw me out of the show. He was so rude he called me a penny less transgender. I shook me off. He insulted me in front of 50 people. I challenged him that i will launch my own platform of beauty pageants and will be more successful than him. And today my pageant mrs India home makers is one of the biggest pageants of the country.

TeamISB:- A message to all the lovely ISB readers? 

A.N.J.:- Message to the readers. Please believe in power of karma and remember if someone does bad to you. You dont revenge. Leave it to karma. He or she shall bear the fruits. Come what may. Be good. Be fashionable and stay healthy.
Till the next time,


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