NomNomNom at Taksim

Hey All!!

Hope you’re doing great!

I got extremely delighted when i got an invite for an exclusive food tasting at Newly Launched Taksim (yayy)!

Taksim with its launch at Ansal plaza’s relaunch is bringing some fresh air to the dead previous Ansal plaza and indeed is going to be one of the most happening place there.

Trendy-cool meets urban hip-chic at TAKSIM- Restro Bar, the flagship venue for popular international F&B chain TAKSIM. 

A superlative example of new-generation restro-bars that promote a more interactive vibe, Taksim is spread across a generous 4200 square feet of space moulded into two floors, a mezzanine and a sprawling open-air patio. A consummate compilation of Global Cuisine, a designer bar serving an exhaustive array of inspired cocktails, Contemporary Interiors and an ever-evolving dossier of music and performances, are what comprise the core of the space Taksimcalls home.

The interiors form an inviting canvas that highlights the use of a neutral colour palate offset with modishly upholstered furniture. An elevated ceiling and liberal amounts of natural light frame the space to re-create a voguish warehouse destination catering to a variety of requirements of an increasingly progressive clientele. 

These are few mouth-watering dishes/drinks which i loved apart from the AHH-MAZINGGGLY done interior and Ambience.

So, at the event There was good food, drinks and company of happy foodies(What else do you want) with some sheesha too(cherry on the top for sheesha lovers). 

In all it was a great fun & FOOD filled evening spent with some amazing fellow bloggers. 

Looks like a promising place, cant wait to visit there again. Superly amazed with the presentation!!! Oh soo inviting!!😍
I hope you are convinced to give this place a try because, you should….we might bump into each other someday there 🙂

operational jours- noon to 1 AM.

Venue : Taksim, CG-01, Ansal Plaza Mall, Khel Gaon Marg, New Delhi.

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