Checked in at Fugazee with Mango people


in case you guys are wondering, what kind of blog title is that then let me explain youu this thing.

Actually, in this post i am going to feature few of my  favorite eStores and thought why shouldnt i give a glimpse of them in my blog title only? 

Haha, nice na? 

Anyway, so if you guys are like me and keep exploring new eStores every other day then here i am to help you out.

You guys should totally check these out:

FUGAZEE  for stylish tees

CHECK-IN For  trendy clothes


MANGO PEOPLE for super cool phone covers like mine.

So, let me talk about my outfit a little.

I styled this white tee which says noboday said it was easy from FUGAZEE with my basic blue denim & Aldo shoes. I covered(tried to) it all up with my super flowy cape from CHECK-IN and not to miss my super cool phone cover from MANGO PEOPLE

And oh, that bag is from Benetton.












 Tell me how you find it in the comment section below.

Till the next post,

Aarti ❤️ 

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