Midi-ing all the time.

  Hey guys!

So, yeah. I did it. 

Promised and fulfilled it. 😀

Haha. Anyway, you all must be aware of the fact that i love all things girly and midi skirt is one of those thing. I loveee them. They are so comfortable yet chic at the same time.

 And not to forget the basic round neck tee, which is such a versatile piece of our wardrobe. You can dress up or dress down with it. 

Here i am going to tell  you about two of my personal favorite e-stores where you can find above mentioned stuff easily(i got mine from same 😀 ) 

So yeah, i got this oh so pretty midi skirt from Cherry and coco & this super comfortable tee from Fugazee

You people should definitely check these sites out as they have got so many other things as well in the store for you. ❤️
Let me know how you guys find it and if you are planning to recreate this look, do share a picture with me on instagram.
Till the next post, 

Aarti ❤️ 

6 thoughts on “Midi-ing all the time.

  1. Another midi post was all I ever wanted. ;3
    You look so great and the outfit goes so well together.
    Hey, and thanks for mentioning the websites. I officially love you. Haha

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