All you need is a warm hug!!

Okay. Its is a product review post.
So, this product WARM HUGS is a must have in everyyy single girl here.
It is a must have. To the nights we couldn’t sleep. To the days we couldn’t move. To the THAT day.
Trust me. It works. I first tried then only i am reviewing about it.
So lets start with a basic introduction to this product.
Q. Warm hugs?
A. A convenient way to carry on your tough day with.
Yes. True it is.
Its like a tried and tested post. 😀

Now, let me explain you it in detail.

Basically it is a self-warming adhesive pad. Which is so thin and light that you can wear it all day long and nobody would be able to notice it. 😀

Next question, How it works?

Warm hugs naturally generates heat by oxidizing iron. How?
This way-
In it their is a mixture of iron, water , carbon and salt( ingredients are completely natural, non toxic, bio degradable and most importantly SAFE.)
When the packet is opened, iron is exposed to the oxygen(present in air) , which oxidizes it producing heat.

How heat helps in reducing pain?

• When heat is applied to your skin, it reduces the sensation of pain. Heat stimulates thermo receptors, which block your body’s pain transmitters from sending pain signals to your brain.
• Heat helps stretch soft tissue, relaxing muscles, which promotes flexibility and decreases stiffness.
• Heat increases circulation to the injured or sore area, which means more oxygen and nutrients are sent to the damaged tissue

• Remove pad from package. Peel off the release paper and adhere on the outside of underclothes.
• Peel off from clothes when it is no longer hot.
• Average temperature of 55°C, maximum of 70°C or less and 40°C or higher, should be maintained for up to 10 hours.
• Dispose of properly after use.

The heat pack is cloth adhesive. It should be stuck on top of underclothes and requires fitting clothes to be worn on top.

Where all you can use it?

1)Helps relieve menstrual cramps when rest is not an option

2)Tired and sore muscles can be relaxed by a steady & smooth supply of warmth.

So i would completely suggest you to try this thing Atleast once.
It is worth trying. :*

You may contact them here on facebook to know from where you may order it in your city.

Do drop your reviews if you have already used this product.
And do tell me in the comment box if you guys want me to do more of such review things.

Till the next post,
Aarti ❤

Oh Hey! Just Midi-ing!!

Isnt it lovelyyyy? 😍
Okay. Yes. I agree. I am little over-obsessing over it. But trust me, it do deserve all the obsession.
What i love most about it is it’s Print! Too quirky! ❤


Basically, i was thinking to get a skirt like this customized since ages as, wherever i ordered for somewhat-similar-skirt, most of them were out of stock or stuff like that. 😦
Then, i finally asked a friend of mine to customize it for me.
And tada!! Here i am. With this gorgeous piece. Thank you so much Vaishvi lakhina. :*

BTW I thought of doing a proper outdoor shoot this time but it rained . 😥 (bad luck)
So yes, here is a Quick outfit post for you all.
I paired it up with a black top.
Plus, i didnt want any other thing to catch attention but this skirt. So, i kept my accessories minimal.





And yes, this could be worn with a Crop Top Too! ❤️


Outfit details:-
Top: forever21
Bag: Aldo
Earrings: NY Citi

Do drop your views on this post.
I would love to read them. ❤️

Till the next post,
Aarti ❤