Five ways to keep your relatives close.

Heyy lovely people.
Sorry for being MIA.
So yeah i was just wondering what if you haven’t talked to your relatives since a long time?
What if you people are missing them?
So yes, i am here to help you out.
Here are five ways to stay in touch with them.

1) tell them your daughter/son is in twelfth. By the end of the year every possible person will call you up.

2) tell them you have been offered a movie with salman khan &
You will start getting applications to give them a chance to act too.

3) tell them your daughter/son got married. Love marriage it was. She/he ran away from home. Your phone will never get any rest for next few days.
(Sympathies and all you know :’))

4) Tell them your daughter/son has reached “shaadi wali age”
And all the matrimonial relatives will contact you asap. 😀

5) Tell them my daughter/son has cleared ” I.A.S.” Or “I.P.S.” Exam Every now and then you will get a call from them to bail them out(not just jail but in every random situation)

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Hope you had fun reading.
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Till the next post,
Aarti ❤

2 thoughts on “Five ways to keep your relatives close.

  1. I’ll ask my parents to try 5th one. My son has become LAWYER. I think my practice will somehow starts. 😉 😀 😀

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