Accessories haul!!

Hello everyone!!
Today i will be doing an Online-accessories-Haul!!
Yayaya! 😀
So yes, i found this online store on insta and from the day one i am admiring all of its collection!
So for those who aren’t already following them on insta, seriously? Like what are you even waiting for?? go check them out now.
Insta id- completare_accessories or here
They are on fb also ( here )
So without further add-ons, i will start showing you what all i bought from them.

Okay, i will start with the arm candies first.
– i found these arm candies super cute, and charming, and feminine, and wearable, and hence, i bought it. 😀

-and another arm candy for all those starry nights.

And one more-
Love bracelet!
aren’t you ?

And i bought this spike two finger ringer too!!
-and there are days when i go all boho, so these earrings are just perfect for such days

-and this one to brighten my dull days.


-and this metallic neckpiece.
I love how unique of a statement it is!!

-and lastly i bought this tie chain for regular days.


Do tell me if you want me to do more hauls!! 😀
And which was your favorite?

Till the next post,

2 thoughts on “Accessories haul!!

  1. So i decided to randomly type ‘gujjar’ on insta search and the result came up with your bday cake pic. I got a little intruiged and one thing led to another.. tada.. i came across your blog. Nice job. Though i have absolutely nothing to do with fashion but liked the way you write. Nice, crisp and interesting.
    Keep it up! 🙂

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