What i wear to college!! :D

Hello there!!
So yes i am Not missing any chance to prove that i am THE LAZIEST one out here!!
So yeah i have decided to do a looooong post!
Dont worry, not in written!!
but there is gonna be Three styles in one single post! Yay! 😀
Another reason to do this is, i was being asked by many people to do something relatable to daily lifestyle, so here i am showing off what i wear to regular college days. 😀
Without much blabber here i go!!
Look 1)
Shirt- forever New. | Leggings- W | footwear- stilettos. | sling bag- emsons (kamla nagar)



Look 2)
Top & leather pants- forever 21.| belt- allen solly. | flats- GK.




Look 3)
Shirt- Levi’s. | pants- forever21.| wedges- GK.





Do tell me which style you liked most in the comment box below.

Till the next post,

Blame It To The Peplum!! :D

Hello everyone!!

So i was sleeping and somehow i realized i haven’t checked my mail box since ages. And there i found my one of the most favorite thing, A Note From The universe. ❤
This is one of the thing which keeps me going and obviously you all!!
Much love!! :*
So yeah, this is what i got today

So yes then after thinking for like couple of hours i realized this is the only way i can send you people my love and see you all happy (hope my posts make you happy) 😀

And yes, i tried to astound you people. As i am already astounded by this peplum skirt!! ❤
How perfectly it hides my thigh fat!
A BIG yay!! 😀
I am wearing a pearl string as an anklet, did you guys notice? 😛

So yeah, for all the girls like me here it is a perfect idea to hide all those extra kilos you are carrying.
wear a peplum skirt(prefer dark colors), and blame it all to the piece you are wearing!!
– oh no, i am not fat! Its just the peplum which is making me look fat! :’)
Haha!! 😀
Trust me. It works! 😀




PS- this trend is in since a long time, but as i already told you about my lazy behavior i am following it even
now!! 😀

Outfit details-
Skirt- chamki ( online store).
Top- forever21.
Sling bag- lime road (online store).
Accessories- completare accessories.
Way farers- Dolce&Gabbana.
Lipshade- lakme 9to5 rust.

20140620-213015-77415395.jpg and a candid picture! 😀
Do tell me if you like my style in the comment box below!
Till the next post,
Aarti ❤

Accessories haul!!

Hello everyone!!
Today i will be doing an Online-accessories-Haul!!
Yayaya! 😀
So yes, i found this online store on insta and from the day one i am admiring all of its collection!
So for those who aren’t already following them on insta, seriously? Like what are you even waiting for?? go check them out now.
Insta id- completare_accessories or here
They are on fb also ( here )
So without further add-ons, i will start showing you what all i bought from them.

Okay, i will start with the arm candies first.
– i found these arm candies super cute, and charming, and feminine, and wearable, and hence, i bought it. 😀

-and another arm candy for all those starry nights.

And one more-
Love bracelet!
aren’t you ?

And i bought this spike two finger ringer too!!
-and there are days when i go all boho, so these earrings are just perfect for such days

-and this one to brighten my dull days.


-and this metallic neckpiece.
I love how unique of a statement it is!!

-and lastly i bought this tie chain for regular days.


Do tell me if you want me to do more hauls!! 😀
And which was your favorite?

Till the next post,

5 texts to win her BACK.*

So, yes. This post is devoted to all my lovely BOY-friends. Not really boyfriends but the friends who are boys And for all the other XY’s reading it. 😀
Lets get real, you all have been through such situations. No matter how hard you try to hide your emotions but break-ups hurt. </3 Equally. Isnt it?
So, the scene is you were all happy with the girl of your dreams, only to be dumped by her because you are a creep and disgusting and a liar and what not? -_-
So, if you have cried a river and drowned yourself in it ALREADY. I can NOT help you.
But, if you are in the mid of crying a river or drowning yourself, you are at the right place.
Here are 5 texts you can send to her to win her back.

1) Bye forever text-

i know you don’t want to hear from me anymore, but baby i can not live without you. Bye forever.”

Yes. Exactly this. Suicide threat.
Let her know the severity of the situation(we all know its fake though.) & with this, you might get her pity-love. Atleast for once. :’)

2) Eternal love text

I still love you baby” or “my love for you is forever baby

Okay. Try to be more real while texting her this. She needs to be aware of your everlasting-oneSided love. (No girl denies such love ever, trust me) keep reminding her this in every 10 mins. Or if she is not responding to it, upgrade it a little by increasing the frequency of this text.

3) Love-you-with-your-flaws text.

i even loved you when you wouldn’t threaded your upper lips. It made me hard.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Okay. STOP. There is nothing funny about it.(trying-to-stop-my-laughter)
“If you cant love her with all her hair, you dont deserve her Hairless“- AARTI CHAUDHARY
Make her realize that you love her any to every way. With or without hair.
Trust me, she deserves to know about your love for her.

4) Confuse her text.

Lunch/coffee/dinner/whatever tomorrow at *xyz* am/pm?

Yes. Confuse her. She will think that she is the one who ended up everything and you are still thinking it is on. You never know, she might turn up into it.

5) Threatening text.-

you better be careful from now. You f*gly stupid piece of sh*t.

Yes. You read it right. C’mon we tried every-possible-sweet approach. But she just didnt show up. So yeah, time to threat her a little.She is scared of her life now.
But be careful about the after effects of this.( but who cares? You have showed her who the real boss is. 😉 )

DISCLAIMER: The advice given above is for good cause. And just for fun. Guarantees no result. 😀
Hope you guys had fun reading.
Do drop your reviews people.

Till the next post,

Things you should stop wearing to regular college days

Hello lovely readers of my blog,
So i was being asked by a friend to give some styling tips For a regular college goer.
I am not at all perfect so i can not tell you what exactly you should do.
so after thinking for long, i decided to make a Don’ts list instead of Dos. 😀
Smart enough? 😉 😀
So here i go,
Things you should stop wearing to regular college days-

1)High heels-
Girls! Girls! Girls!
Its a big “NO”. Stop wearing them to college. I guess i don’t need to tell you, Why?.
No matter how comfortable you are with them, you are not going to look all casual,snug or cozy.
You can always replace them with wedges or platforms.
They will make you look taller, smarter, hotter and Better. 😀

2) your father’s, brother’s or any other XY’s Shirt is kinda okay upto an extend. But let me tell u,The *loose shirt* look is one of the most deceivingly easy but in reality really hard to master looks. The point to this look is to look casual and effortless, like you are out for relaxing stroll.
But it doesnt mean you will hang the loosest piece of cloth on yourself and look all sick & not-at-all-fashionable and blame it on “boyfriend shirt trend”
Please, Stop it girls!!
That’s not gonna take you anywhere but to some curtain needed room.

3) t-strap tops with half sleeves t-shirt-
Okay i know you people might be wondering what the hell am i talking about but yes, girls do this.
Layering is fine but this is not the way-_-
This is not at all making you look alluring or whatever you thought of while wearing it.
Its like you want to wear a sexy top but not comfortable in wearing it, but you want to show people that you own a top like this too so you layer it up this way, isnt it? -_-

4)those very specific kind of long skirts-
Okay, i am a big fan of long skirts. But yes there is one particular type which you should just NEVER wear to college or any single where.

(Yes i am talking about these skirts.)
Please ladies!
They are not at all making you
look like you are following this long skirt trend but Rather a girl coming from a backward place.

5) mid length skirts with leggings-
Why do you do this to yourself & to your skirt?
I mean That skirt is reasonably long to hide enough of your body, why do you need to wear that leggings?
If you are not comfortable wearing it, Stop wearing it.
If you are a student of college like mine where nothing short is allowed then just stop wearing them. But please dont wear them with leggings -_-

(Image-via google)
Yes. That is all for today.
I get all frustrated while writing stuff like this. So please excuse me for that. 😀

Do drop your reviews about this post. And if i missed out something, you are free to write that in comment box. I
would love to read and respond. 😀

Till the next post,

The FLARE Effect!!

Sorry people, I know i have been missing in action since a long time, I hope you all missed me.
So yeah, i was cleaning up my cupboard, there i found my this flared top And i fell head over heels in love with this top , Again. Yes. Again. Because there was a time when i used to pair up this top with every single bottom i had in my wardrobe. It goes perfectly with skirts, trousers, jeans and what not?
And most importantly it hides all the extra kilos resting at your love handles. 😀
So, here for this post i paired it  with a slim fit skirt and kept my accessories minimal(by adding up just a neck-piece).
You can always Pair it up with heels/wedges/flats. I opted for wedges and added a black envelope clutch to balance out this colorful outfit.








outfit details-
•top- stalkbuylove
•skirt- forever21
•footwear- forever21
•envelope clutch- stilettos
•neckpiece- sarojini nagar market
•lipshade- L’Oreal S502
So the benefit of this whole outfit is its versatility.
You can wear it to your special day(” DATE” i meant *wink*) or to day out with your girlies, or party or any-to-everySingleWhere. 😀
So, how do you feel about my style? please, do post your reviews in the comment box given below.
Till the next post,