Hey netizens of my blog, am back with my latest blog post.
And this time, for my very own AMITIANS!! It doesn’t matter if we know each other, we still share a bond- we are Amitians! 😍
And so because of that i am here with the “NO MATTER WHAT” list of an AMITY GOER.

1) No matter how much we criticize our non-functional ACs, we never forget to “brag” about them in front of our non-Amitian friends.

2) No matter how poor we are at math, we never go wrong with the calculation of required attendance of 75%.. (genius, we are! )

3) No matter how hopelessly single we are, our non-Amitian friends always sees us as a casanova.

4) No matter how we study- slog our a** throughout the semester, or just flip through the books the night before, the results never fails to amaze us.

5) No matter how happening the people in our class are, we always find the others bettering us!!

6) No matter how much money our dads have, If we are hungry, Balli is always on the top of our list.

7) No matter how cheesy it looks, but, we never stop ourself from showing off our replica/first copy/second copy bags & belts.

8) No matter how much you boys disagree, But you will always wander in H-block to find your someone special, about whom you can confess later.

9) No matter how much we girls disagree, but if we are looking better & special than any random day, we just will, NOT,skip a visit to H-block.. (who knows, whose fancy we might catch! πŸ˜‰ )

PS- all the picture’s edits are done by me. Images via- google.
Well, that is all I have for the time..shall keep adding as the years roll by and you dear readers add on to what all I missed out (in the comment box below).
Hope you guys had fun relating.

Till the next post,

25 thoughts on “NO MATTER WHAT of an AMITIAN!!

  1. In despite the facts we still do the same thing again n again …😜😜 True story of amitians 😍😍

  2. Haha Lol so truee the fu*king ac dnt work still we dnt get tired of showing off abt that to non amitians

  3. being non-amitian…dun hv much to sy abt dz πŸ˜€ but it was fun readng it..specially dat h-block stuff… n frm nw weneva my amitian frnz will shw of abt der AC college.. wil make dem read ur post hahah πŸ˜› :* gud work ❀

  4. All mentioned here
    Is 100% true
    & we boys always try our best to install best music system in our cars .
    Juss to listen to the music on amity gates and maggie point

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